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Bayoxide High Capacity GFO
Bayoxide High Capacity GFO

Bayoxide High Capacity GFO

$ 23.99

High Capacity (HC) granular ferric oxide (GFO) is our recommendation for phosphate control media used in our Spyglass and Fluidized media reactors.  It is much harder than standard GFO, so will not generate the ugly rust colored dust when tumbled in upflow/fluidized media reactors like our Spyglass.  It can also be mixed effectively with Rox 0.8 carbon, as the two media have similar granule size and hardness characteristics.  We are often asked if one Spyglass can run both carbon and GFO, and the answer is yes, as long as it's these two brands.


  • 4x higher phosphate removal compared to standard GFO.
  • High mechanical strength and low dust content.
  • Arsenic removal from potable water in which both, arsenate As(V) as well as arsenite As(III) are safely adsorbed below 5 μg/L.
  • Antimony, vanadium, and selenium removal from potable water
  • Heavy metal removal from potable water, e.g., copper, lead, nickel, and zinc
  • For use in Saltwater, Freshwater, and Ponds.

Product Specifications:

  • Molecular Formula: FeO(OH)
  • Molar weight: 89
  • Color Index: 77492
  • REACH: 01-2119457554-33-0000
  • CAS (CAS Number): 51274-00-1

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Bob S.
United States

Another great product and experience

Reactor arrived fast. I thought the pump was built in, so I sent Dan an email and he provided the PDF instructions and some wisdom. GFO working great now, Phos down to under .01.