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Break out Box for Neptune Kit

Break out Box for Neptune Kit

$ 26.99

A very easy beginner soldering project.  This kit comes with all the parts you need to assemble the break out box and takes about 15 minutes to assemble. 

This robust terminal box allows up to six digital devices to be easily connected to the I/O port of the Neptune Apex aquarium controller.  Unlike similar input boxes from Neptune, ours features heavy duty spring terminals, with a separate common terminal for each input.  This is very important, as a shared screw terminal becomes very unwieldy when you try to shove six wires into one small hole.  With ours, just push each in by pressing on the tab, and releasing the tension to lock it in place.


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Damian P.
United States

Super Easy to Build and Works Great!

I bought the build it yourself Break Out Box in order to safe a few bucks and to take advantage of the superior way of managing all my switches cables. The kit came with everything I needed and the instructional Youtube video took me through all the steps to connect each wire to their respective terminal. All in all, I was first hesitant to solder everything up myself, but I found the process pretty quick and straight forward and it saved me a *** of cash vs. buying it prebuilt. I highly recommend this for people looking for a better break out box design and those who want to save a few bucks by soldering it themselves!

Paul W.
United States

DIY break-out box.

The DIY breakout box is super easy to build even with moderate soldering skills. All the parts needed are included sans the tools, solder, and flux. Easy install and soooo much easier than the Neptune box.

United States

Great Product !!

Good product, easy to assemble great price and quality, super fast shipping.


Best out there.

Good quality as expected, easy to put together and save space on wiring over the neptune brand. Even included an extra screw in case I were to loose one.

John B.
United States

Break out box for Apex controllers

This is a fantastic product. I have used both the Avast Marine and Neptune products, and definitely prefer the Avast Marine. The Avast Marine box has separate spring-loaded terminals for all of the inputs, which makes connecting wires super-simple. The key advantage though is the separate ground connections for each set of inputs. The Neptune box has only a single ground connection, which forces the user to use a separate tie bar or mechanism to tie all of the various ground connections from switches, etc. together. Needless to say, this gets awkward and **** in a hurry. That being said, the Neptune box has one advantage: its size. The Neptune box is only a couple of inches wide, while the Avast box is around four inches or so wide (these are rough estimates rather than measurements). So you’ll need to plan for a bit more space with the Avast box. At the end of the day I would definitely buy the Avast box and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering a break out box for their Apex controller.