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Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2
Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2
Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2
Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2

Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2

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$ 469.99

The use of ozone in seawater filtration is a powerful means of achieving the crystal clear, "fish floating in air" effect seen in the world's most beautiful marine aquaria.  An extremely powerful oxidizing agent, ozone will essentially "bleach" your seawater clean when used in a controlled environment in a safe and effective manner.  Coupled with an efficient protein skimmer, ozone can help improve water quality by breaking down large organic molecules into components more suited to skimming or usable by bacteria.  Ozone users frequently report an increase in skimmer productivity and almost always better water clarity and overall system health.

Our new, version 2.0 Mutiny ozone reactor is designed to react seawater with an ozonated air environment.  The efficiency of this process is optimized by balancing water throughput with contact time, which is greatly enhanced by the use of a specially modified ozone-safe Sicce needlewheel recirculating pump.  Water and ozone are forcefully mixed inside a custom designed diffuser chamber, then dispersed over a bed of thin HDPE ribbon media in an atmosphere of ozonated air.  The high surface area of this media allows much better gas exchange and oxidation of organic material than simply bubbling ozonated air through a column of water, as when using ozone in a protein skimmer.  After aquarium water passes through and exits the reactor chamber, it runs through a carbon post filter which strips out all remaining ozone and any by-products of the oxidation reactions.  This effectively neutralizes the smell in both the effluent air and water, making both safe for fish, pets, and people.

We have chosen the variable output Ozotech Poseidon 200 as our recommended ozone generator.  This unit has proven to be a reliable and high quality machine and is user serviceable as well.

Technical Data

Footprint with connected carbon reactor: 12" x 7" x 21" tall.  

Carbon reactor can be placed remotely for more flexible footprint options.

What's Included

Comes with Ozone reactor, HDPE media, air pump*, recirculating pump, several options for carbon reactor and enough carbon for 2 months of operation. Ozone generator and feed pump are required for operation but may be purchased separately.  

4 feet of tubing for reactor hook up plus flow control valves are included, all ozone safe tubing for water connections is included.  

Ozone safe air tubing plus high quality ozone safe check valve are included with the ozone generator.  If you are using your own generator you will want to plan for connection to a 3/16" barb at the pump.

 *Air pump is included for USA customers only.  We recommend the Tetra AP-50 for international use, it is not included. 

Installation Guide


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United States United States
Great customer service

Great customer service. Very knowledgeable staff along with extremely quick shipping. This unit was for a customer of mine and he couldn't be happier. I was able to complete the job on time and the unit is running flawlessly. Great Company.

Steve J.
United States United States
Good experience - they made damage right

I had an item sent to me that was damaged, the folks at Avast made it right and did so quickly and easy.

Joe B.
United States United States
Very Good Design

Have been a big fan of ozone for years. This is the best design of ozone reactors i have seen. It just works flawless. Great workmanship and design. My water is crystal clear......

Mutiny V2

I have a Mutiny V2 on my 200DD mixed reef system. I decided to run O3 to clear up water and remove coral proteins that fight against each other. Slowly moving my ORP (run a controller system) up but water is clear and corals are doing great. Expensive but well worth it in my mind! I have been running this now for about 3 months. All products that I have bought from Avast are well designed and built. Customer service is excellent! Kudos to the team at Avast!

Keefe B.
United States United States
Great quality product

Very intuitive to setup. I wish the ozone venturi barb was easier to get to while the product is setup, but it just means you have to plan ahead a little bit, which is the name of the game if you're running ozone; so it's not even a hindrance, just something I wish was a little easier to access! I will definitely be purchasing from Avast Marine Works again in the future!

Avast Marine Works Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2 Review