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SeaBones Calcium Reactor v2
SeaBones Calcium Reactor v2
SeaBones Calcium Reactor v2

SeaBones Calcium Reactor v2

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Balanced replenishment of calcium and alkalinity is among the most important water quality corrections required for a thriving reef aquarium.  The SeaBones calcium reactor achieves this by liberating calcium and bicarbonate ions from aragonite media, typically old coral skeletons, using CO2 gas.  This process yields equal amounts of calcium and alkalinity added to your aquarium water with no by-product ions, unlike with two-part A/B solutions, which can throw off your system's ionic balance.

Once the reactor is installed and set to meet the calcium and alkalinity demands of your aquarium, it is a very hands-off system for continuous addition of these needed elements.  Since it operates continuously, calcium and alkalinity are added at exactly the rate they are taken up, resulting in very stable water chemistry parameters.  This is essential for the health of sensitive corals like Acropora sp. (SPS, aka Stability Promotes Success).  Again, this is unlike two-part solutions, which are often added all at once, causing a spike in calcium and alkalinity levels on a daily basis.

Back by popular demand (and some of you have been asking for a long time), our new version 2 SeaBones reactor takes advantage of the efficient design we developed for our Mutiny Ozone reactor, using a low power draw Sicce syncra pump to quietly and rapidly recycle seawater through a carbon dioxide internal atmosphere.  The coral bones media effectively acts as a diffusion chamber, creating a large surface area for CO2 to dissolve into seawater and react with the media.

Keeping the system simple, we selected a very tiny and energy efficient 12v DC feed pump, and matching drip nozzle that automatically sets the flow through rate at an ideal and consistent level.  This small pump is still capable of building significant internal reactor pressure, useful for helping dissolve CO2 into seawater.

Technical Data

Footprint with connected optional secondary media chamber: 12" x 7" x 21" tall.  Without the secondary chamber, the footprint is 7" x 7".

The secondary reactor chamber can be placed remotely for more flexible footprint options.

What's Included

Comes with main reactor, recirculating pump, feed pump, drip nozzle for flow control, and CO2 check valve.  The secondary chamber pictured with the main reactor is optional.

4 feet of tubing for reactor hook up are included, all CO2 safe tubing for water connections is included.

What's needed

A CO2 cylinder and regulator with bubble counter are required for operation but must be purchased separately.  We recommend the Aquarium Plants' Carbon Doser CO2 regulator.

We recommend chunky "coral bones" style calcium reactor media, such as Two Little Fishies' Reborn media.

Installation Guide


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Andrew L.
United States United States
Seabones Reactor

Should have bought this along time ago, very easy to get up and running

Christopher D.
United States United States

Nice clean design. unfortunately the reactor has yet to be run being on a brand new system, but seems to be well built. Looks good along side my kalk stirrer from Avast.

Alfredo J.
United States United States
Great Reactor

Everything went together with no problems, I use Caribsea ARM extra course in it. Only mod I did was zip tie the intake pump to the line becuase mine kept popping out. I’m going to look for a push fitting for it.

Brian T.
United States United States
Long time fan...

I've been using Avast since I got into reefing. The quality is great, the guys are great. You really cant go wrong. Looking forward to the next release.

Christopher E.
United States United States
Calcium reactor

Very good construction however I did have a re glue the base other than that it’s was solid