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Spyglass Reactor Kit
Spyglass Reactor Kit
Spyglass Reactor Kit
Spyglass Reactor Kit
Spyglass Reactor Kit

Spyglass Reactor Kit

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The newest reactor from Avast Marine now available as a DIY Kit! 

We have worked for quite some time to develop the most comprehensive media reactor feature set.  Combining gentle and complete fluidization, recirculating or single pass configuration options, media versatility, exceptional energy efficiency, and easy and quick maintenance into a design that is simply beautiful to watch, we present the Spyglass fluidized cone reactors.



The elegant and silent waterfall design eliminates the need for piping and fittings, yielding a footprint that will fit nicely in the smallest areas of your sump.  The Spyglass is for internal use only and can be used with a variety of media.  From the lightest resin type media like Purigen, to small pelleted Rox 0.8 carbon and GFO all the way up to the heaviest All in One Biopellets, we include a variety of mesh screens to ensure you have everything required to use virtually all media on the market today.  Additionally, we include the parts you need to configure this reactor as a single pass or recirculating chamber.  Simply choose one of three reactor sizes and corresponding optional Sicce pump.  If you prefer to use an external feed from an overflow or tee from an existing pump, this is easily done with parts included with every Spyglass.



The steep cone on the bottom enables complete fluidization using the smallest and most energy efficient pumps on the market.  This translates to less heat in your sump and fewer kilowatt-hours on your monthly utility bill. 



The way the reactor is effortlessly serviced will be appreciated by everyone.  There are no thumbscrews, no tubing and not even a union.  The reactor simply lifts off the base and the media screen is held in place with a press fit o-ring inside the reactor.  No need to even unplug anything; you can lift the Spyglass chamber right off with the pump running! No significant amount of media is lost out the bottom due to our custom made weighted silicone ball and optional fine mesh that sits in the bottom of the cone.  This acts as a check valve of sorts and effectively retains media with minimal cleaning. Changing out media has never been so hassle free!  We've also created a special rinsing lid that makes a quick job of flushing out carbon or GFO before use.

Building the kit

Spyglass Instruction Manual

Note that the pictures show the optional Sicce pump, but the reactors do not include one by default. 


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Dave A.
United States

2nd Reactor Just as Good as the First

This is my second spyglass reactor kit. Very easy to assembly, works great for Bio Pellets. I will be purchasing 2 more in the near future, these thing rock!!!

Charles H.
United States

Spyglass as Zeovit Reactor

I really like the lower price and self assembly option. Absolutely everything including sand paper is included to build the kit. Only took a few minutes over two days to build. Would be careful of static attracting the cement to the surface of the plastic causing unsightly strings of glue. Overall great innovative product, will buy again.

Dave Aschenbrener
Wisconsin, USA

This reactor is awesome.

I wish I had found these earlier in my aquarium life, I could have saved a lot of money on worthless reactors. This is the real deal! Kit was super easy to assemble , all material and glue and sandpaper included.

nick m.
United States

spyglass kit

I love the reactor, build was easy. Definitely the best reactor Ive had. I never liked changing out the media in my old brs reactor and it would get clogged easily. Which meant I didnt do it much. Could improve the manifold option by gluing down the T inside the reactor so it doesnt move around when you take the media container in and out. Ive had to stick my arms in there and manipulate it a few times.

A Avast Marine Works Customer
Michael B.
United States

Video instructions are great

I was able to follow the video online to easily assemble the spyglass reactor kit over the course of a few days. It was also fun to build out the kit (my daughter got involved and placed the stickers!) and encouraged me to try some modifications on my acrylic sump. The device works as advertised. I’m still working out some kinks, as the GFO clogged the screen and some dust is getting out of the reactor. This may have been because I didn’t rinse fully or I’m using the wrong screen. I’m hoping that the ballvalve is not grinding the media, but time will tell.